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Sage Dynamics

Duty Handgun I

Course Length:  Two days

Course Description: Duty handgun I introduces students to techniques and skill needs above the basic level, focusing on developing mental reference points to sharpen reaction time and increase high stress marksmanship. Pulling away from the traditional, best case scenario drills and targets that reinforce complacency more than skill, Defensive Handgun I requires students to confront more realistic situations, less than ideal shooting positions, compromised points of aim and judgment scenarios intended to stress problem solving skills.

This course covers:


  • Real world safety

  • Information Theory and Occam’s Razor

  • Anatomy of the threat

  • High stress marksmanship

  • critical accuracy in compromised body positions

  • Magazine changes (tactical and emergency)

  • Malfunction clearances

  • Forced primary/support hand only skills

  • Primary/support side hand only skills

  • Transition to backup gun (if carried)

  • On/off cover shooting

  • linear and non-linear cover navigation

  • Close quarters shooting

  • Movement

  • Two man techniques


Course cost: $500.00




  • Duty handgun with 3 magazines (single stack, 5-7 magazines)

  • Backup gun if carried on duty

  • Duty belt and gear

  • 1000 Rounds handgun

  • 100 rounds backup gun (if carried)

  • Weapon mounted light (if carried)

  • Ear and eye protection

  • Hat

  • Long sleeves recommended (pants mandatory)


Class size: Minimum of 10, no more than 15


Prerequisites: Credentialed Law enforcement, Military or Private Security authorized to be armed. Must have previously attended Sage Dynamics Duty Handgun or attended a comparable course from a recognized school.

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