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Patrol Rifle II

Course length: One day


Course Description: This course is an in-depth, demanding, tactics driven period of instruction designed to push individuals and their rifle to their absolute limits. Students can expect physically demanding instruction and be required to conduct themselves effectively and safely under high stress. Individuals will be instructed in techniques geared specifically for austere environments and operation under extreme stress. Because this course is physically demanding, it is recommended that students be in good physical and medical condition.


Topics covered in this course include:


Real World safety

Carry condition

The OODA loop, Information Theory, Hicks Law and Occam’s Razor

Rifle deployment and utilization

Optical and holographic sights

Austere shooting positions

On cover/off cover shooting

Off axis shooting

Magazine reloads (emergency and tactical)

Immediate and remedial action for malfunctions

Rapid target/multiple threat engagement

Rapid varied distance engagements

Engagements in low light

Wounded officer recovery

Exigent entries with the patrol rifle

Immediate overwatch deployment


Threat anatomy

Two man tactics


Course Cost: $200.00 ($150.00 refresher for previous students space permitting)




Patrol rifle with 5-7 magazines

Iron sights (BUIS) and optics (if used)

Rifle sling

Duty handgun

Duty belt and gear (it is recommended that duty gear carry at least one spare rifle magazine)

1200 Rounds rifle

200 rounds handgun

Weapon mounted light (if carried)

Handheld light

Spare batteries for all lights

Ear and eye protection


Long sleeves recommended (pants mandatory)


Optional (recommended) gear:





Field cleaning kit

Basic maintenance tools

Knee and elbow pads

Additional magazines for all weapons


Class size: Minimum of 5, no more than 15

Course Calendar

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