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Defense In The Home

Defense in the Home

Course Length: Two Days


Course Description: This course teaches individuals tactics and techniques for confronting a home invasion or discovery of a break-in. As a force-on-force Simunitions based class, students will have the opportunity to proceed through the course with their home defense firearm of choice, be it pistol, rifle or shotgun and receive pointed instruction on the best uses of each according to its advantages and drawbacks in close quarters.  This class begins with a class room lecture and discussion, then an explanation of techniques and skills and finally each student will proceed through a number of force-on-force scenarios against skilled role players to simulate actual home defense situations to validate learned and existing skills.

Where available, the Defense in the Home course if offered as a live fire, shoot house course, maximizing student's ability to validate instructed and inherent techniques with their chosen self-defense firearm(s). 


Instruction in this course includes:


  • Pre-emergency planning

  • Home security options

  • “Duty to Retreat” concerns (if applicable)

  • Information Theory, and Occam’s Razor

  • Personal defense weapons; advantages and drawbacks

  • Terminal ballistics and round choice

  • Weapon security and storage

  • Shooting from austere positions

  • Low light tactics

  • Defense from known locations vs movement to confrontation

  • Contact with law enforcement

  • Safety specifics for Simunitions NLTA training systems (FOF version only)


Course cost: $600.00


Required Equipment:


  • Long sleeve shirt and pants

  • Change of clothes

  • Gloves

  • Groin Protection

  • Personal home defense firearm (no ammunition)

  • Personal DI system AR rifle can be used for course (will be converted for Simunitions)

Required Equipment (live fire model):

  • Self defense firearm (handgun, rifle, shotgun or a combination thereof)

  • Weapon mounted light (min 500 lumen recommended) 

  • Handheld light (min 500 lumen recommended)

  • 1000 Rounds (caliber count based on which firearms you intend to use)

  • Clear eye protection

  • Batteries for weapon lights

  • Ear pro

  • Black marker


Optional (recommended) gear:


  • Sunblock

  • Hydration

  • pen and paper


Class size: Minimum of 5, no more than 10


Prerequisites: None

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