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Civilian Precision Rifle

Civilian Precision Rifle

Course Length: Two days


Course Description:  Building on the learning models from traditional, self-defense focused Force on Force courses, Austere Conflict is designed to test and reinforce student’s real-time problem solving skills.  This course is a high intensity, worst-case-scenario immersion that pushes performance both physically and mentally to increase student stress inoculation and aid in identifying skills that can be improved in their personal practice.  More than a traditional scenario or focus drill driven course, Austere Conflict maintains a continuous high-tempo in an effort to keep students mentally primed with little downtime between exercises.  Students should expect longer and more complicated scenarios, or a faster pace of evolutions than they may have experienced in the past.


This complete Force on Force model is not intended for students who have no previous FOF training, however students without previous FOF may attend if they so wish.


UTM training cartridges and conversion kits are used in this course.  No live ammunition is needed or will be allowed. 


Instruction in this course includes:


  • Real world safety

  • Pre-conflict training

  • Verbal entanglement

  • Ideal EDC

  • Less-than-ideal conditions draw

  • less-than-ideal shooting positions

  • Movement in structures

  • Defense/aid of others

  • Injured/occupied weapon manipulation

  • Facing dedicated threats

  • Sympathetic Nervous System saturation for stress inoculation

  • High pace, high round count training scenarios and exercises.


Course Cost: $700.00




  • Pants and long sleeve shirt/cover garment (mandatory)

  • Gloves (mandatory)

  • Athletic cup for men (mandatory)

  • Hydration

  • Fitted mouth piece (mandatory)

  • Glock 17 holster and magazine pouch (can be provided)

  • UTM training Glocks and ammunition provided for course



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Austere Conflict 

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