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Sage Dynamics

Purpose driven.

Precision Rifle II

Weapon Retention Dynamics

Course length: Two days


Course Description:  The carry of a firearm presents one constant truth; no matter the situation or potential altercation, there is always one highly lethal weapon present and control of that weapon is an advantage. From those who open carry by profession or choice to those who carry concealed, an understanding in basic physical techniques and alternate force options gives the responsible citizen a force multiplier for protecting their firearm and deploying it in self-defense in less-than-ideal situations and physical positions.


Additionally, the use of a firearm in extreme close quarters, from ideal and less-than-ideal positions, requires an understanding of near distance shooting techniques that often aren’t instructed or practiced to a high level of proficiency.


Taught in association with Pramek's Matt Powell, the sixteen hour Weapon Retention Dynamics class will instruct students in concepts, principles and techniques to best defend their weapon against an attacker, methods to minimize the chances of weapon loss and deployment of the weapon from austere body positions not normally addressed in totality with conventional firearms instruction.


Students will be given classroom instruction, practical exercises and then be given the opportunity to participate in a number of physical exercises to validate implict knowledge and instructed skills.



Instruction in this course includes:


  • Basic equipment selection

  • Physical fitness

  • Situational awareness, mindset and dedication

  • Threat avoidance and recognition

  • Physical and psychological responses to stress

  • Anatomy and body mechanics

  • Edged weapon selection and concerns

  • Holster realities

  • Open hand defense, close hand defense

  • Protecting the handgun

  • Weapon struggles

  • Ground fighting, fighting to the gun and fighting to your feet

  • Six feet of violence, the handgun in close quarters

  • Physical barricading techniques (protecting the weapon in motion)

  • Immediate action from displacing attacks (spatial awareness)

  • Practical exercises



Course Cost: $450.00


Required Equipment:


  • Personal handgun (no ammo)

  • Mouth Piece (mandatory)

  • Long sleeves and pants (mandatory)

  • Athletic cup (Mandatory)

  • Gloves (mandatory)

  • Duty gear (if LE/MIL)


Optional (recommended) gear:


  • Hydration

  • pen and paper


Class size: Minimum of 8, no more than 10.


Prerequisites: None

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