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Citizen Response to an Active Shooter

Course length: Three days


Course Description:  Over half of all Active Shooter events in the US have been stopped by a citizen, or citizens. The reason for this is that many who carry out mass murder choose soft targets where there is likely to be little or no law enforcement presence. Because the average Active Shooter event lasts between 4-11 minutes, and average law enforcement response varies greatly; the responsible citizen has every right to be trained to confront an active shooter situation as they are the likely line of defense between an armed threat and unarmed innocents and loved ones. Using extensive law enforcement response training and research into the last 50 years of Active Shooter events as a model, Sage Dynamics has developed this course to provide the CCW community with a fundamental skill set that will enable them to act, if they choose, in the event of an active shooter and potentially stop the threat without waiting needless minutes for a law enforcement response.


Using the Simunitions FX system, students will be placed in real-world scenarios requiring them to demonstrate best judgment in the confrontation with an active shooter, identifying themselves to responding law enforcement, controlling a compliant threat, emergency evacuation of wounded, prudence in confrontation and recognizing possible pre-attack signs. This course is physically and mentally demanding and students should come prepared to train late with few breaks.


Topics covered in this course include:


  • Real world safety

  • Weapon handling in and out of the home

  • Introduction and familiarization with the Simunition system

  • Pre-force planning

  • Stress effects on the body/operating under stress

  • Threat anatomy

  • Shot placement and the reality of “stopping power.”

  • Critical target selection/point of aim

  • Human anatomy as it applies to use of force

  • Concealment clothing/drawing from concealment

  • Close quarters shooting

  • Defensive and offensive movement

  • On cover/off cover shooting

  • Choke point navigation (“slicing the pie”)

  • Clearing an area (basic techniques)

  • Navigating crowds

  • Confronting and recognizing the threat

  • Pre-assault indicators

  • Use-of force decision making (shoot/don’t shoot)

  • Scenario based role player interactions with FOF

  • Considerations for after a use-of-force and contact with law enforcement

  • Recognizing the difference between an Active Shooter and a Hostage Situation

  • The history of Active Shooters in the US

  • Emergency evacuation of wounded

  • Containing an Active Shooter for LE Response


Course Cost: $750.00


Mandatory Equipment: (if you dont have items on this list, you cannot train)


  • Long sleeve shirt/pants (mandatory for Simunitions use.  Additional safety equipment will be provided)

  • Cover garment (button up shirt or jacket, only worn for scenario training).

  • Hydration.  This course can be moderately physically demanding and hydration is important.

  • Groin protection. 

  • Gloves


Optional (recommended) gear:


  • High protein snacks

  • Pen and paper for notes

  • Sunblock

  • Hydration

  • Field cleaning kit


Class size: 12


Prerequisites: None

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