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Force Focus Fundamentals

Course length: Two days


Course Description: Our Force Focus Fundamentals course is a reality-based training evolution designed to introduce and train students in the physiological and psychological conditions experienced during a use of force encounter.  This course utilizes Simunition Non-Lethal Training Ammunition and weapons to immerse the student in scenario based encounters that will provide stress-inoculation and increase both confidence and ability in the event of an actual use-of-force.  This course allows students to use personal and instructed tactics and techniques with actual firearms that have been converted to fire the Simunition FX round against skilled role players that will test their cognitive abilities and weapon skills. 

Because of the nature of live fire training, even against the most realistic targets, training artificialities still exist.  With Simunitions, all functionality of the weapon remains and only the lethality of live ammunition is removed.   Students can expect this course to challenge their mental and physical abilities under stress and force split second decisions in the use of force.  This is as close as you can get to an actual use of force in a training environment. 


Topics covered in this course include:


  • Real world safety

  • Weapon handling in and out of the home

  • Introduction and familiarization with the Simunition system

  • Pre-force planning

  • Stress effects on the body/operating under stress

  • Threat anatomy

  • Shot placement and the reality of “stopping power.”

  • Critical target selection/point of aim

  • Human anatomy as it applies to use of force

  • Concealment clothing/drawing from concealment

  • Close quarters shooting

  • Defensive and offensive movement

  • Threat avoidance

  • Confronting and recognizing the threat

  • Pre-assault indicators

  • Use-of force decision making (shoot/don’t shoot)

  • Scenario based role player interactions with FX NLTA

  • Considerations for after a use-of-force and contact with law enforcement


Course Cost: $600.00




  • Long sleeve shirt and pants (mandatory for Simunitions use.  Additional safety equipment will be provided)

  • Cover garment (button up shirt or jacket, only worn for scenario training).

  • Hydration.  This course can be moderately physically demanding and hydration is important.

  • Groin protection.  Mandatory for use during scenario training.

  • Personal handgun No Ammunition, with holster, magazine pouch and three magazines.

  • Gloves


Optional (recommended) gear:


  • High protein snacks

  • Pen and paper for notes

  • Sunblock

  • Hydration

  • Field cleaning kit


Class size: Minimum of 10


Prerequisites: None

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