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The Sage Dynamics Edition Primary Weapon Systems Rifle

Instructor edition and company branded rifles come and go.  Sometimes they can be nothing more than a direct factory rifle; branded with this name or that, and the price raised just because of it.  The Sage Dynamics Edition PWS MK114 rifle is different.  I wanted to offer something unique without creating a gimmick.

I hand picked the features, while avoiding any feature that would increase the price needlessly.


The "SD-2" is a limited run rifle build on the solid PWS Long Stroke Piston operating system, offering features that cannot be found in other production rifles.



Rifle Specs

  • PWS 14.5" barrel, 1:8 twist 5R Button rifled


  • .223 Wylde chamber


  • Long Stroke Piston operating system and BCG

  • ALG ACT trigger​

  • PWS Enhanced Buffer Tube and ratcheting castle nut


  • PWS Lightweight 6061 13.8" MLOK handguard

  • 7075 aluminum upper and lower receiver


  • Magpul MOE grip


  • Magpul CTR stock


  • BCM Gunfighter charging handle


  • Anodized Type III Class 2 OD green 

  • Custom Railscales Karve handstop




Whats Included

The SD-2 was planned with as much savings as possible in mind.  Knowing that shooters are going to want their own accessories, we didnt want to increase the price by including accessories the end user may not want. 


I also wanted a unique look that wouldn't increase the rifle's cost.  Anodizing OD green was an obvious choice, because OD green fits into nearly any environment and FDE is so 2005.

To maximize versatility, the SD-2 ships upper/lower separate with a 14.5" unpinned upper, allowing you to choose and pin the muzzle device of your choice for the maximum shortest length on a non-NFA rifle.

To order the SD-2


visit Primary Weapon Systems

or contact your local PWS dealer.

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