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Sage Dynamics

Purpose driven.

In addition to world class training, Sage Dynamics offers a number of special services to meet the needs of the law enforcement, military and private security industries.


Firearms Training Modernization


Sage Dynamics offers modular training solutions to update existing training programs to increase realism and retention. Using proven methodology and world class instructors, Sage Dynamics can modernize training solutions to meet any need. Whether Law Enforcement Military or Professional Security, clients will benefit from the provided lesson plans and instructors guides purpose built to make training as realistic as possible while maintaining core safety. These modular solutions can be integrated into a complete firearms training program, or custom tailored to specific tactics/weapons.



Concepts and Principles Course


Available to Law Enforcement, Military and Private Security, this Train the Trainer seminar provides the department, unit or company firearms instructor with Sage Dynamic’s concepts and principles of real time firearms manipulation and tactics. Instructors will receive in-depth instruction on three dimensional training solutions, target anatomy, practical marksmanship, real world safety and guidance and advice on the writing of justification memos for specialized equipment such as Simunitions gear and mobile target systems.



Testing and Evaluation


Prototype testing, durability and field testing, practicality evaluations and integration testing services are offered by Sage Dynamics to interested clients. From first to third line gear, Sage Dynamics will provide an in-depth evaluation of the product and assist in identifying areas that require improvement, if any. All Testing and Evaluation services are provided to meet the client’s specific needs by industry professionals.




For more information or to arrange a service consultation, contact us.

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