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Sage Dynamics

RDS Defensive Handgun

Course Length: Two days


Course Description:  

RDS Defensive Handgun is intended for anyone with little or no formal experience operating an RDS handgun in a self defense manner.  This course teaches safe handling and efficient operation of an RDS equipped handgun.  Students will learn correct techniques for drawing and presenting the weapon, as well as fundamental techniques for employing the handgun in defense of self or others. 


This RDS focus course is intended to address specifics of RDS use not found with traditional iron sight handguns. Specific skills, concepts and principles unique to RDS handguns are covered in-depth.


As Defensive Handgun is self-defense focused, students are expected to train from concealment or from their duty holster (if LE/MIL).  Defensive handgun will progress from most-to-least likely skills over the course of 16 hours to best prepare students for handgun use in a violent encounter.

*This course is not intended for anyone without a basic understanding of firearm operation, safety, draw from the holster and general marksmanship.


Blocks of instruction include:


  • Real world safety

  • Concealment clothing

  • Initial RDS acquisition (from draw)

  • Reacquiring the RDS from Atypical positions (reload, ready positions etc)

  • Grip improvement 

  • Maximizing trigger control

  • Personal diagnostics from RDS behavior

  • Maximizing target focus shooting

  • Threat anatomy

  • Malfunction clearing (immediate and remedial action)

  • Optic malfunctions

  • Movement

  • Practical and precision accuracy  


Course cost: $500


Mandatory Equipment:


  • Handgun with 3 magazines (single stack, 5-7 magazines)

  • Holster (cross-draw prohibited)

  • Magazine pouch 

  • 1000 Rounds handgun

  • Ear and eye protection

  • Hat

  • Long sleeves recommended (pants mandatory)

Optional (recommended) gear:

  • Gloves

  • Sunblock

  • Hydration

  • Field cleaning kit

  • Basic maintenance tools

  • Additional magazines for all weapons

Class size: Minimum of 10, no more than 15

Prerequisites: None

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