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Sage Dynamics

Purpose driven.

Low Light Employment-FOF Model

Vehicle Defense

Course length: Three Days


Course Description: Self-defense in low-light, be it in a public place or inside your home, presents a number of unique challenges and advantages that are not readily present in natural or bright artificial light. From physical light handling skills to the use of a weapon light, the Low Light Employment FOF Model course instructs students in light operation techniques that are best suited for the use of a handgun and rifle; either in a CCW, Duty Carry or Home Defense environment.


This class covers the academic approach to understanding low-light, how the senses are affected by a lack of light and most importantly, how the body’s response to the stresses of a use-of-force encounter will hinder or enhance your ability to fight in low light conditions. Students will then learn how to deploy the light as a tool, both handheld and weapon mounted, to best deter or confront a violent threat.  Students will then be given the opportunity to test instructed skills as well as implict knowledge in a number of low-light scenarios against role players using FOF munitions and weapon conversion kits.


Instruction in this course includes:


  • Real world safety

  • Equipment selection and concerns

  • Choosing the best light

  • Light limitations

  • Carry methods (weapon mounted and handheld)

  • Basic handheld grip techniques

  • CCW carry

  • Understanding low-light effects on the eye

  • Vision in low-light under stress (Sympathetic Nervous System activation)

  • Twilight-low-light physical advantages

  • Use of the light for navigation, searching and control

  • Basic structure search and clear techniques

  • Use of cover and concealment

  • Light control of unknowns and threats

  • Light dynamics under fire

  • Judgment shooting (physical force-on-force scenarios)


Course Cost: $750.00


Required Equipment:


  • Handheld light

  • Duty gear (if LE/MIL)

  • AR platform rifle (if wanted/issued) with sling and WML

  • Spare batteries for all lights

  • Long sleeves and pants mandatory

  • Athletic cup (for FOF portion of course)


Optional (recommended) gear:


  • Gloves

  • Hydration

  • pen and paper


Class size: Minimum of 8

Prerequisites: None

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