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Sage Dynamics

Purpose driven.

 Vehicle Defense Handgun

Course length: Two Days


Course Description: The vehicle; be it sedan, coupe, truck or motorcycle, presents a number of unique challenges for self-defense and the defense of loved ones.  From reduced mobility to the dangers of the comfort in patterns the vehicle provides; the access and potential use of a firearm inside or while entering/exiting a vehicle is a complicated problem that requires specific training to confront the non-traditional nature of fighting from or in an enclosed space. The Sage Dynamics Vehicle Defense course provides hands-on instruction and fundamental exercises for fighting in a confined environment, focusing on concepts and principles of close contact shooting and physical movement from less-than-ideal positions.


Instruction covered includes:


  • Real world safety

  • Can Vs Should engage

  • Equipment selection

  • In-vehicle carry

  • Ammunition selection

  • Vehicle body/glass ballistics 

  • Threat (human) anatomy

  • Shooting positions

  • Austere shooting positions

  • On cover/off cover shooting

  • Confined space engagements

  • Interior/exterior defense of third parties

  • Rapid target/multiple target engagement

  • Judgement shooting


Course Cost: $600.00 

  • Handgun, minimum of 3 magazines

  • Holster (cross draw and shoulder prohibited)

  • 1000 rounds training ammo

  • 20 rounds personal defense ammo (for ballistics section)

  • Ear and eye protection

  • Long sleeves and pants rec.

Optional (recommended) gear:

  • Gloves

  • Sunblock

  • Hydration

  • Field cleaning kit

  • Basic maintenance tools

  • Knee and elbow pads

  • Additional magazines for all weapons

  • Rifle with sling and 200 rounds of ammunition for day two (if carried)


Class size: Minimum of 10, no more than 20


Prerequisites: None

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